Thursday, March 19, 2020

Cookie Couture -Fashion Cookie Cutters (Barbie Party)

Ma found this fun pack of cookie cutters and in the name of a (much needed these days) silly diversion, I thought I'd share them today. They are perfect for Barbie lovers, right down to the striped pink packaging! The label calls them mini, but each cutter makes at least a 4" long cookie. And while I couldn't find the year they were sold, in looking at the price of $2, I'm pretty confident they are vintage...
 Marketed by The Philadelphia Group😉
Ha, ha, look at that stylish animal print purse!
Please leave a comment if you have any information about these cookie cutters.

🌸Enjoy a cookie and have a happy day🌷


  1. Very cute! I could use some cookies right now.

  2. OH, those are so cute...really great for projects...all those kids at home projects...!


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