Saturday, February 1, 2020

Barbie's Super Bowl Party -Diorama

Barbie invited everyone over for the big game and it was a packed livingroom! Lots of good friends, great food, lively conversation and team spirit (even if ~our~ team isn't in it this year...). Everyone is looking forward to the largest sporting and TV event of the year. It will also be nice to see a couple young quarterbacks and different teams in the game for Super Bowl 54. Barbie says -get your popcorn ready!!!

Links to DIY projects:

And yes,
we all have that one friend that goes a little overboard getting dressed for game day...

Whether you're looking forward to the people, food, game or commercials...

🏈Happy Super Bowl Weekend from Everyone at DIY Barbie Blog🏈


  1. I laughed LOUD< outloud...this morning reading this! Ugly team sweater vest....yep---and the last photo---too cute!
    No one painted their entire body???? Love your guys have to enjoy the Superbowl with the girls and the kids---reality for young couples. Grins, fun post Lynn!

  2. Woah, Barbie and family are party people! They are living their best life!
    I hope they enjoyed the game and their delicious food!


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