Friday, January 24, 2020

Emoji Dresses from Balloons for Chelsea and Kelly (Barbie Dolls)

These Emoji Dresses from Balloons for Barbie play come together in minutes and make a cute little ~happy~ outfit:@) I used 12" balloons and they fit the Chelsea and Kelly size dolls well. I'm still working on projects trying to use up one package of multi-colored balloons so I drew the faces on. I did see packs of smiley face yellow balloons at Dollar Tree if you need several for a girl's birthday party or sleepover craft.
  1. Draw emoji face on balloon. (I spread my balloon over a Christmas ball ornament to make a smoother surface to draw on.)
  2. Cut neck off of balloon.
  3. Cut two small 1/4" holes on each side up near neck of balloom.
  4. Cut hole in bottom of balloon.
  5. To dress doll: Stretch balloon open and start dressing from the feet.
  6. I added the heart sticker eyes after the doll was dressed.
  7. Optional matching headband on Kelly doll: Cut off the rolled part of the balloon and stretch it over her head.
Our models:
Kelly=50 cent thrift store rescue, Chelsea=Walmart Christmas clearance 2018.

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