Thursday, December 12, 2019

Standard Barbie or Curvy Barbie Top from 1 1/2" Wide Ribbon -No Sew Tutorial

I wanted to share an idea for a simple Barbie doll top. All that's required is 1 1/2" wide ribbon, some velcro and a hot glue gun. A couple folds in the back create darts and add a little shape. This top kinda reminds me of a tube top, although not as form fitting. I also like that straps are optional. Have a fun thin ribbon that might add interest? Great, use it for straps. I'm lovin' the addition of the shiny diamond mesh ribbon! But even without straps this top will stay on by itself. Embellishments... If you have some cute trim, pom-poms, zig-zag, ruffle, etc, you could add it to the bottom.

  One thing though, this works better with ribbon that doesn't have wire in it.
The white satin ribbon has smooth edges, the plaid has wire.

Standard Barbie = 6" of ribbon, Curvy Barbie = 6 1/4" of ribbon.
Fold the cut ends over 1/4" and hot glue in place.
Fold two glued ends in half, and glue together.

Place middle of ribbon over doll's bust.
If you turn the folded ends up you'll see that it creates a dart on each side creating shape.

Glue velcro to each side of back.

Barbie says all it takes for a pretty holiday outfit is a little bling and sparklešŸ˜‰
Scarf = Eyelash yarn, a large crochet hook and loose chain stitch.

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