Saturday, December 21, 2019

Santa Hat for Barbie or Ken and Christmas Plush Doll Blanket from $1 Wine Bottle Bag

I stopped at Dollar Tree on my way home from work and saw a Santa wine bottle cover... Had to smile and bring one home. While I've crocheted a Santa hat for Barbie in the past, I always wanted a ~real~ one and this is just the perfect scale! It fits both male and female dolls.

For the blanket, I simply cut straight down the center of the back and then opened up the bottom seam. 
I hot glued the ends of the belt down.
There was a gold ribbon so the bag could be snugged up around the bottle, I cut that off.
The bag is 12 1/2" long so it's a great size for doll play and dioramas. 
This makes a fun throw blanket for snuggling on the love seat binge watching Hallmark Channel,
 and it's big enough to cover a Barbie bed too. Super simple and very festive!

The bag I started with:

Make something just for fun and Merry Christmas🎅

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