Saturday, November 30, 2019

$2 Barbie Angel Tree Topper -Dollar Tree Craft

I've been looking at the angel wing ornaments at Dollar Tree for a couple years now with this Barbie Angel Tree Topper in mind. I made sure I picked the wings up early this year. Then, much to my surprise they had the long white dress today, that made this little project way to easy! I happened to use my Dollar Tree doll too, but any Barbie type doll your girl has would look great.

If your girl already has a wedding type gown, that would be pretty...
And if she has a pink tree in her room, there were pink and light blue gowns for $1 too.

The only other craft item you need is one tinsel pipe cleaner.
Half for the halo and half to be used as a choker necklace to hold the wings on.

  I made a circle from the pipe cleaner and bent the end down to stick into her hairband for the halo.

 The wings have a hole so they can be hung from the tree.
Wrap the pipe cleaner around the doll's neck (like a choker necklace), 
and push both ends through the hole in the ornament.
Twist the sides of the pipe cleaner together to hold the wings up.
That's it folks, you can just nestle the doll on top of the tree 
or secure her by wrapping another pipe cleaner around her legs and the top of the tree.

The items I started with:

Make something just for fun and help create special holiday memories!

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  1. I remember we had a few years when our daughter popped Barbie at the top of the tree instead of our usual star but I don't think she was ever as magnificent as this one! Those ornament wings couldn't be more perfect!

  2. Such a great idea. Please post over at Funtastic Fridays on Coastal Bohemian. We go live at 9pm on Thursday night.


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