Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Halloween Fun -Random Barbie Pictures and Etsy Finds -2019

I wanted to share some fun Barbie Halloween ideas and pictures found on Pinterest and Etsy. I think they are all amazing! I'm always tickled when designs and prints are the perfect 1:6 scale and look great on Barbie. The best part, if you see something you like, I'm sure there's still plenty of time to get it before Halloween. Pour a cuppa and enjoy!

Candy Corn Hair-gorgeous coloring!
A hint of yellow and it would be perfect.

Look at the tiny scale of the pumpkins! There are Ken size hoodies too.

Halloween Sock Hop Dress-

And every Halloween party needs munchies...

I'll leave you with...
Vintage original Barbie/Ken/Skipper Masquerade Costumes, 1963/1965:
Ha-ha, look at Barbie's shoes... I don't think she'll be walking around trick-or-treating😉

🎃Happy Halloween Season🕷️

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