Sunday, July 28, 2019

Bathing Suit Wrap for Barbie -No Sew

Here's a cute little summer craft, this bathing suit wrap for Barbie comes together in a minute and only requires fabric and a pair of scissors (pinking shears would help control fraying if you have them). Simply fold fabric in half and measure 7" across the top, make a dot, measure 5" down the fold and make a dot. Draw a line from dot to dot making a triangle. Cut out, fold the top over 1/4" (14" side), run finger nail over fold to create a crease. Tie around Barbie's waist-done! Now, you could always embellish a bit... Sew or glue a ruffle, fringe, ribbon, sequins or beaded decoration to the bottom. I chose to cut 1/2" of fringe into mine.

This wrap is simply a triangle of fabric folks.

Barbie says: It's summer and the living is easy... Lovin' it😎

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