Saturday, June 8, 2019

Thrift Store Finds-Wicker Chair and Quick Fix for Matted Barbie Hair

I forgot to grab some change before I left the house and my thrift store has a $2 minimum for card purchases. So when I saw this cute wicker chair for 50¢, I had to keep looking... While I really didn't need any more dolls for pictures, this one had an articulated body, purplish lipstick and really cute bathing suit. Her hair however, was a total mess, matted and sticking straight up (really wish I took a picture, but I think we've all seen bad Barbie hair). Worst case scenario, I'd just replace the head with another one but first I thought I'd try braiding her hair all over. I just kept prying small bits of it apart and once braided it looked smoother and not ~totally~ horrible any more.

I'd have to pick up small rubber bands but kind of like the way the braids softly open up at the ends/bottom. 

The jury is still out for now, I do have one extra head and may replace it after all.
But I do think this is an easy fix if your girl wants to keep playing with a doll that's seen better days.

As for my purposes, I think a poseable body and great bathing suit
were worth the $2 donationšŸ˜Ž
The cute chair I found.
 Not a bad visit to the thrift store!

~Have a happy day~


  1. It's funny how those 'body parts' Barbies we buy, sometimes wheedle their way into the clan. I try to never pass up on an articulat-ed body, always thinking I can use it, then something captures me---and wow they are added. I actually shaved a head on one---and she became a cancer survivor, I think she is the same as yours.


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