Thursday, June 13, 2019

DIY Backpack for Barbie from Party Favor Purses

I found these little purses in the party section at Walmart and immediately saw a cute sparkly backpack for Barbie. I think I've seen them at Party City too? At 50¢ a piece this would be a fun craft project for a girls birthday party, sleepover... or rainy afternoon. I'm sure they'd have a great time filling the backpack with all kinds of little goodies. The straps get hot glued on and could be made from hair bands, ribbon, elastic or even yarn. I cut two 4" long pieces of salvaged elastic that was about 1/4" wide and it laid nice and flat.

Barbie looks so cute and sporty headed to the game!

Once again the most time consuming part of this project is waiting for the hot glue gun to heat up.

The key is to glue the straps on at an angle (kind of meeting in the middle at the top) so they help hold the backpack up on Barbie's back without slipping back down her arms. I got sloppy with the glue... Here's hoping you or your girl can be a little neater. Just keeping it real folks😉

The purses I started with:


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