Thursday, May 23, 2019

Barbie Clothes from Balloons -Summer Holidays Version

As with most things these days... I had an idea to make some simple Barbie clothes from balloons and after I made a few things I saw on Pinterest that other folks had the same inclination... But I'll still share a few ideas and think this is a fun project older kids can make for themselves (as long as they can safely handle scissors). I wanted to post the red, white and blue version now, while you can still find the balloons at Dollar Tree for the 4th of July.

Ken says since they're at a neighborhood pool party he wore his swimsuit briefs... 
He'll share his Speedo version before he and Barbie go away together to Barbados😎
Editorial Note: Um... or maybe not Ken...

Here's a one piece bathing suit for Barbie. 
This one is more challenging to put on and kids will probably need some help.
I suggest only using hard plastic dolls for this, can't imagine trying to get the balloon over rubber legs...
But easy to make and still cute😉

A visual to show how to cut the balloons: 

 A better view for seeing the leg openings for Ken's bathing suit (lower right).
And please note: Barbie's top would be turned upside down for cutting from balloon.
For the one piece: cut leg holes and cut the rolled rubber top off of the balloon, then ~stretch~ it over the doll.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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