Monday, April 1, 2019

Barbie Chair from Thrift Store Candle Holder and Pom-Poms

I loved the sloped shape of these candle holders I found at the thrift store and thought they'd make great Barbie chairs. So I had to pick one up for 70¢ to see how it would look. The chair could be filled with anything, maybe create a large yo-yo and stuff it like a pillow or scrunch up/fold an old t-shirt, but the easiest way to give the chair padding is to fill it with pom-poms. I just dumped  them in and pushed them down into the candle holder. Barbie thinks it's pretty comfy:)

Inexpensive, quick, colorful and fun!
I like that in a craft😉

I took a quick pic of the candle holders at the thrift store, and the one I brought home.

My Love Seat from an old Eyeglass Case HERE is another cute furniture idea using pom-poms.

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day~
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