Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Barbie Through The Years

Did you know Barbie will be 60 on March 9th? I saw this fun graphic on Pinterest and wanted to share it. It's so neat to see all of the different Barbie looks through the years and I love that cute shorter haircut with the curled flipped up ends in 1969! I know my first doll had long hair, I'm guessing it was around 1967. As we celebrate Barbie's birthday, I wonder how many millions of dolls were given as gifts on girl's birthdays? I found my first doll under the Christmas tree... Sitting on a present next to Ken. Thanks Ma, I still smile today thinking about it:)
I have over 60 craft ideas on my DIY Barbie Pinterest Board HERE...
One for every year:)

🎂Happy Birthday Barbie!
I'll be sure to have a slice of cake in your honor😊

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