Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Barbie Toys and Props -Thinking Outside of the "Pink"

I love looking at items and seeing what they ~could be~ instead of just what they are marketed to be. These Dollar Tree Mardi Gras Necklaces came with 3" saxophones. The perfect size for Barbie or Ken and they even have the loop hole on the front so they can be removed from the beads and a neck strap that's more to scale can be used. So here we have three Barbie instruments for 33¢ each... Not a bad price for a Barbie toy!
It's also fun to use things that aren't branded specifically for Barbie, 
that's why as I find these items this series of quick posts will be labeled 'thinking outside of the pink'.

 Shiny, fun, and really cute for doll play, pictures and dioramasđŸ˜‰
~Think creatively and have a happy day~

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  1. I know what you mean, I walk slowly in departments of all kinds of stores---looking for 'small things' for the dolls. You just have to always have your 'small thing' brain on---and you find all sorts of goodies...I actually need some saxophones, and will try and pic some of these up today! Thanks!


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