Saturday, August 18, 2018

Found On My Rounds -A New Doll, Eraser Props, and the World's Smallest Barbie

I found this doll at the thrift store recently and I'm always looking for different dolls to keep pictures interesting. Someone did cut her hair and it's pretty uneven, I'm hoping it can be trimmed on an angle to look shorter on one side and leave the length as is on the longer side. I'd also like to learn how to style it so that hair-doos stick. Specifically a little flip/turn up on the bottom front. All tips are welcome! She has jointed elbows and knees and a bendable waist. So I was pretty tickled with this $2 purchase, and the proceeds going to charity is always a nice bonus.

I had to laugh, I've been looking everywhere for these small erasers that look like food 
and some are ~pretty close~ to 1:6 scale.
Happened to walk down a boys toy isle I haven't been down before at Walmart...
Yep, there they were 97¢.
This was the set that matched in size best,
although Barbie wants me to go back soon for the one that had a slice of cake...

 I found this World's Smallest Barbie in that same isle! Not with the Barbie stuff???
She's 3" tall and comes with glasses.
I guess that's kind of like a Barbie doll for your Barbie doll😎 
Didn't buy this one yet, just clicked a few pics with my phone.

Have you found anything fun at the stores lately?
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. The erasers are really cool! The small Barbie is also very cute, we don't have her here in our stores (at least I haven't seen them anywhere). The doll you found is lovely. To make a hair-do of a doll permanent, the boiling method is effective. But it's never a guarantee that the hair can handle it, so it's a bit risky :-). I don't know if you know this method, but if you look up "boil perm" there should be some tutorials around.

    1. Thanks for the help with the hair! I have two dolls that need a little something-something:)

  2. I love this doll, she might be a Mulan Disney girl? Anyway she is cute. The little erasers are super fun and I might have to get some for my little house here. The mini Barbie is so cute, now you will have me shopping the toy aisles before Christmas.


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