Thursday, June 11, 2020

Simple Elastic Waist Barbie Skirt -Three Seams

I've wanted to try making a simple skirt with an elastic waist for Barbie for a while, but I've been held up by two things... My sewing machine wasn't working correctly and elastic is scarce because everyone is making face masks these days! Well, Ma lent me a working sewing machine and I found some elastic in my crafting stash, so I got to work:@) What I love about this most is, it only requires a 6" x 3-4" piece of scrap fabric. The variation being, you can make the skirt as long, or short, as you'd like (or using whatever amount of fabric you have for the length).

6" x 4" rectangle of thin fabric
4" long piece of 1/4" wide elastic

  1. Fold top and bottom (6" sides) of fabric over about 1/4", crease with nail or iron.
  2. Sew 1/4" bottom hem.
  3. Pin elastic to center, then to each side of folded top.
  4. Place one end of elastic under presser foot, lower needle, Stretch elastic with both hands and stitch, removing pins before you get to them if desired. Ideally we'd use a zig-zag stitch which creates a waistband of sorts. If you're having difficulty with the zig-zag stitch (and I did), a straight stitch will work fine for this small doll garment.
  5. Fold so right sides are together and sew 1/4" back seam (creating a tube shape), back stitch top and bottom.
I think this pic gives a good idea of the procedure:
Bottom seam, stretch elastic and sew, then just fold in half and sew wrong sides together to create the skirt.
Turn right side out-done😀

Just a simple little skirt.
I'm still trying to learn Ma's sewing machine...
My biggest issue so far has been not pushing on the foot pedal hard enough.
As time goes on I'll post an update, I do want to use that zig-zag stitch for the waist.
But these skirts are fine for beginning sewers, quick pics and doll play!
And so far Barbie hasn't complained about the elastic against her waist😉

6/14/20 Quick update -My son fixed my machine!!!
I made this skirt with the zig-zag stitch to test it and I'm tickled👍


  1. Such skirts go with a lot of garments. :) Good luck with the sewing machine!

    1. Thanks, every machine is different and I had my old one for over 30 years:@)

  2. Hi, Lynn. What I love about this post, is it is a great project to do with a mom/daughter, a little group of girls, or a granny share moment. I learned how to sew by sewing for my dolls, and it was cute things like this that we all started with!

    1. Thanks Sandi, that's exactly what I hope... That it creates a teaching moment, or special memory for folks:@)

  3. A great project to get kids sewing for their Barbie, I used to love making mine clothes when I was little (although I'm in the Uk and we had Sindy dolls back in the day!)

  4. Nice skirt! I love the simplicity of it!


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