Saturday, May 16, 2020

His & Hers Summer Holiday Aprons for Barbie & Ken, No-Sew, Free Pattern

We're only about a week away from Memorial Day weekend folks... I'm fond of aprons for doll play because it's an easy way to add a little color, seasonal, or holiday flair. Here I've used my standard apron pattern for Barbie and added some sequin bling for backyard BBQ parties.  For Ken I made a simple rectangular straight apron, similar to a waiter's or bar back apron. I didn't bother adding pockets, but of course you could. Today Ken decided he didn't want to be very flamboyant... But these aprons can truly be as dressy and embellished as you'd like to make them.
My Curvy Barbie's makeover story here.

Quick update: I thought it was odd that Ken insisted I add a pocket...
But, um, now I see why....

What I did:
Cut one in fabric of choice.
My only changes from the directions on the original post were:
Glue on the ribbon for neck and side ties before anything else.
Then add the decorative ribbon around bottom and blingy sequins to bib.
I chose to use hot glue, but you could sew it, or use Liquid Stitch or Aleene's Tacky Glue, anything goes.
Tip: Glue the side ties a little lower, that will help the apron wrap better.

Ken's barely needs instructions:
 Start with a rectangle of fabric approximately 5 1/2" X 4".
Fold the long sides (top and bottom) over about 1/4" and run finger nail over fabric to create crease. You could also sew it or iron it. (If you use pinking shears, no hems are needed at all.)
I used Aleene's Tacky Glue and glued the hems down.
I did not fold and glue the sides, you can if you'd like to.
Simply glue a ribbon to the top of the apron for the ties.
You can either trim the ribbon and glue a little velcro onto the ribbon ends,
or leave it long enough to tie behind the doll's back.
This one ties.

 I don't remember how many years ago I bought this fabric,
but I get a feeling by looking at the scale of the stars and stripes...
I had Barbie in mind😉
🍉Let's make something just for fun and fire up the grill!

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  1. Very Cute Lynn, I do have to make some aprons, but they won't be red/white/blue...have a great day!


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