Saturday, February 22, 2020

How to Make a Pillow Case Dress with Side Bow for Barbie (Curvy Barbie Too) -Picture Tutorial

This picture tutorial shows how to make a simple pillow case type dress (or nightgown) with a decorative side bow for standard or curvy Barbie. It's great for beginning sewers because it only requires six seams and all of them are straight. This is an easy project that an experienced sewer can whip up in no time, and one the youngest sewers should be able to complete before losing interest. A simple belt adds a little shape...

Or leave it loose,
I'm sure there are days even Barbie just wants to be comfortable😉

I used a readily available 100% cotton fat quarter of fabric for the pink dress, 
and cotton from a bolt of fabric for the sports dress. 
An old soft well washed recycled fabric will have more drape.

Cut two rectangles of fabric 7" x 4 1/2" ~or if using a fat quarter...
Fold fabric over once, using natural fold from fat quarter of fabric, this will be the width of the dress.
Cut down 1 1/2 squares for length of dress (I did decide later this was a little too long for my liking and trimmed 3/4" off of the pink dress and even more off of the sports dress, the final length is up to you).
Note: Using pinking shears would help the fabric not fray, I didn't use them this time.

The folded fat quarter squares may not create an exact rectangle, just try to refold the fabric a little so the edges meet.
Cut the two sides apart along the fold if using a fat quarter.
Measure 2" down the long side of fabric, make a mark.
Measure 1" across the short side (top) of fabric, make a mark.
Cut diagonally between the dots, this creates the arm holes.

Fold fabric over about 1/4" and sew hem on each side of arm hole on both pieces.

Fold top over 3/4" sew hem 1/4" from bottom edge on each piece.
Fold bottom over 1/4" sew bottom hems.

Place right sides of fabric together and sew 1/4" hem up sides stopping at arm hole, back stitch at bottom and arm hole.

Turn dress inside out so right sides show.
Stick safety pin through one end of at least 16-20" long length of ribbon, feed ribbon through front and back of folded over hole in top of dress.
I used 1/4" wide ribbon for pink dress and 5/8" wide ribbon on the sports dress.

Dress doll, snug up the fabric and ribbon around the doll's neck and tie a bow.


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