Sunday, August 11, 2019

Strapless Barbie Dress from 6" Square of Fabric -Picture Tutorial

**Hello, first I'd like to say, thank you for stopping by! After much consideration, I've decided to move my Barbie posts back to my main blog Happier Than A Pig In Mud HERE. That blog has been active for 10 years, there is simply more traffic over there and more folks will see the posts. So I hope you'll stop by, follow along and continue to have fun with the dolls!

Years ago I shared a link to a tutorial for a Strapless Barbie Dress, it only required a 6" square of fabric and was pretty easy to make. The link to that site has since been taken down, so I thought I'd create my own picture tutorial to show folks how to make my variation of the dress. Because, you know, that's kinda what we do here:) No sewing machine? This dress should come together in less than an hour sewing by hand. And to help prove that point... For some reason my sewing machine isn't working correctly, so after that one horrendous bottom seam, I completed the dress with a needle and thread.

The dress only requires a 6"x6" square of fabric.
Pinking shears create that zig-zag edge and will help control fraying if you have them.

Iron the top and bottom under 1/4" (or run your fingernail over it a few times to create a crease), hem. 

Turn the fabric wrong side out and wrap it around the doll, pin it closed in back. 

Use pins for the bust dart placement 
(pinch the fabric at the waist long ways under each boob so the dart runs up and down). 

 A second pic in case it helps...

Sew a crescent shaped seam for each dart, approx 1" long. 
Widest at the waist, running off the fabric at bust line and hip.

Fold right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam 3" from the bottom up the back, back stitch.

Fold the rest of the fabric on each side over 1/4", I sewed on a little snap for closure,
I prefer a 1/4" wide strip of velcro the whole length of the opening. 

The finished dress before I glued on (using Liquid Stitch) the white trim to cover the top seam:

The back of the dress:

It's faster and neater with a sewing machine (that works), but this dress didn't turn out bad!
How to make a beaded Barbie necklace HERE.

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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