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I started creating Barbie posts back in 2013... Clicking the title below will take you to either DIY Barbie Blog or Happier Than A Pig In Mud (Clicking HERE will take you to my Pinterest Board showcasing all at a glance.) 

Barbie Clothes and Props
*Popular Posts 2019-Year End Recap
*Popular Posts 2020-Year End Recap
4th of July Crafts Round-Up 2020
4th of July Glasses from Pipe Cleaners
4th of July Parade -2020
$1 Socks-Five Garments from One Pair-Tutorial
Apron Pattern -No-Sew, fits Curvy Barbie and Elf on the Shelf too
Apron for 4th of July, Barbie and Ken
Face Mask from Napkin
Fairy Garden Barbie -Posing on Natural Toadstool/Mushroom
Snuggie Blanket from $1 Microfiber Mit
Soup Pot from Recycled Detergent Scoop
St. Patrick's Day Dress from $1 Bow Tie
St. Patrick's Day Green Braided Hair Pieces for Barbie
St. Patrick's Day Orange Braided Hair Piece from Yarn
St. Patrick's Day-Over Sized Felt Neck Tie
St. Patrick's Day k-cup hat
Stacked Pumpkin Topiary from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Strapless Dress for Any Occasion-Sewing
Summer Holiday Aprons, Barbie and Ken, Free Pattern, No-Sew
Sundress from Recycled Tank Top
Sunglasses from Buttons
Super Bowl Party Diorama 2020
Surgical Mask from Napkin
Taco from Felt and Beads
Tank Top for Ken from Foot of Sock
Team Colors Top and Necklace-just the idea, no pattern
Team Logo Shirt-pattern included
Tie, 4th of July Over Sized Neck Tie
Tie, Over Sized Neck Tie for St. Patrick's Day
Tiara, from pipe cleaners and bottle ring
Tissue Paper Flowers, 1:6 Scale-Cinco de Mayo
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