Barbie Crafts

I started creating Barbie posts back in 2013... Clicking the title below will take you to either DIY Barbie Blog or Happier Than A Pig In Mud (Clicking HERE will take you to my Pinterest Board showcasing all at a glance.) 

Barbie Clothes and Props
*Popular Posts 2019-Year End Recap
*Popular Posts 2020-Year End Recap
4th of July Crafts Round-Up 2020
4th of July Glasses from Pipe Cleaners
4th of July Parade -2020
$1 Socks-Five Garments from One Pair-Tutorial
Apron Pattern -No-Sew, fits Curvy Barbie and Elf on the Shelf too
Apron for 4th of July, Barbie and Ken
Face Mask from Napkin
Fairy Garden Barbie -Posing on Natural Toadstool/Mushroom
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