Barbie Crafts

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Barbie Clothes and Props
$1 Socks-Five Garments from One Pair-Tutorial
Baby Bassinet from Shampoo Bottle
Barbie Bling-Necklaces from beads and elastic
Bathing Suit or Dress from Headbands-Tutorial
BBQ Grill from Easter Egg and Pipe Cleaners
Bead and Safety Pin Basket
Beaded Fairy Bubble Wands
Bear Skin Rug-Crochet
Blinged Up Cocktail Dress-Crochet
Bunny Ears for Easter
Buttons as Food Props
Candy Centerpiece from Wilton Cake Topper Doll
Candy Corn Dress-tutorial
Cape, Shawl or Vest from Craft Store Doily
Cheerleader Outfit
Chef Hat and Apron from Ruffle
Dress from Stretchy Gloves-Tutorial
Easter Basket from Egg Carton
Erasers for Food Props and Toys
Glasses-Adding Glittery Bling
Halter Top-Crochet in One Piece
Hammock-from Hanger, sticks and triple crochet
Hat from Bottle Cap-fancy!
Heart Shaped Bag or Pillow-Crochet
Hooded Scarf-Crochet
Hula Skirt from Plastic Bag-Tutorial
Hooded Cape/Poncho-Picture Tutorial
Lady Liberty Headband-4th of July
Long Sleeve Sweater Pattern-Knitting
Love Seat from Eyeglass Case and Pom-Poms
Milk Carton Chair with Woven Seat
My first crochet sweater-no pattern
Paper Mache Bodice
Patriotic Dress-Crochet
Pattern Sheet-Pants, Skirt and Shirt
Pattern Sheet-Top, Dress, Undies
Poncho Pattern
Pumpkin Topiary-from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Puppy-made from Pipe Cleaners and Beads
Reindeer Antler Headband
Santa, Elf, Ski Hat-Extra Long-Crochet
Serving Tray from Bottom of Recycled Shampoo Bottle
St. Patrick's Day Green Braided Hair Pieces for Barbie
St. Patrick's Day k-cup hat
Strapless Dress for Any Occasion-Sewing
Team Colors Top and Necklace-just the idea, no pattern
Team Logo Shirt-pattern included
Tiara, from pipe cleaners and bottle ring
Top from Headband and Sequin Dangle Earrings
Top from Ruffle
Turkey made of Clay
Vest-Knit Outerwear
Witch Hat-Blingy-from Dollar Tree Hair Clips
Witch Hat-Felt
Wrap Dress-No Sew from Old T-Shirt

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