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I started creating Barbie posts back in 2013... Clicking the title below will take you to either DIY Barbie Blog or Happier Than A Pig In Mud (Clicking HERE will take you to my Pinterest Board showcasing all at a glance.) 

Barbie Clothes and Props
4th of July Crafts Round-Up 2020
4th of July Glasses from Pipe Cleaners
4th of July Parade -2020
$1 Socks-Five Garments from One Pair-Tutorial
Apron Pattern -No-Sew, fits Curvy Barbie and Elf on the Shelf too
Apron for 4th of July, Barbie and Ken
Balloon Tops, One Sleeve, Two Versions
Balloon Jack-O-Lantern Outfit for Kelly or Chelsea Doll
Balloons-Barbie Size from Mini Christmas Ornaments
Balloons-Barbie Size from Ping Pong Balls
Banner or Bunting from Yarn and Paper
Barbie Bling-Necklaces from beads and elastic
Bathing Suit-Baby Bathing Suits from Balloons, Boy and Girl
Bathing Suit Cover-Up from Recycled Mesh Produce Bag
Bathing Suit or Dress from Headbands-Tutorial
Bathing Suit or Shorts for Ken -Free Pattern
Bathing Suit from Ribbon, No-Sew, Optional Skirt from Ruffle
Bathing Suit Wrap, No Sew
BBQ Diorama-Memorial Day 2020
BBQ Grill from Easter Egg and Pipe Cleaners
Bead and Safety Pin Basket
Beaded Fairy Bubble Wands
Beaded Heart Statement Necklace
Beaded Necklace-How to make a necklace
Bean Bag Chair from Balloon for Chelsea and Kelly 
Bear Skin Rug-Crochet
Bed-Dollar Store Bed Makeover
Belly Bling from Diamond Wrap Ribbon
Blanket from Santa Wine Bottle Bag
Blanket and Throw Pillow from Fuzzy Sparkle Yarn
Blinged Up Cocktail Dress-Crochet
Boots from Balloons
Bouquet from Buttons and Beads
Bow Ties for Ken from Small Craft Bows
Bowl-Decorative Art Bowl from Recycled Plastic and Hot Glue-Murano Type
Bridal Veil or Headband from $1 Party Favors
Braided Hair Piece from Bottle Ring and Yarn
Bubble Wands
Bunny Ears for Easter
Butterfly Wings
Buttons as Food Props
Cake from Pill Bottle Lid and Dollar Store Erasers
Campfire or Fire Pit
Candy Centerpiece-Halloween Witch
Candy Corn Dress-tutorial
Cape,- from Felt, Inspired by the Movie Frozen
Cape, from felt, Vampire or Prince
Cape, Shawl or Vest from Craft Store Doily
Capri Pants from Headband
Chair from Easter Egg and K-Cup
Chair from Thrift Store Candle Holder and Pom-Poms
Cheerleader Pom-Poms from Garland
Chef Hat and Apron from Ruffle
Cinco de Mayo Serape
Cookies and Gumdrops Centerpiece
Cooking Pot/Pan from Recycled Detergent Scoop
Cornhole Game from Dollar Tree
Deviled Egg Tray-Polymer Clay and Button Tray
Dog Kennel from Recycled Bottle
Dress-Emoji Dress from Balloon for Chelsea or Kelly
Dress-From 6" Square of Fabric
Dress-Halter Dress from Balloon for Kelly
Dress-Long Dress from Headband
Dress-Pillowcase Dress with Side Bow
Dress from Stretchy Gloves-Tutorial
Dress-Sundress from Recycled Tank Top, No-Sew
Easter Basket from Egg Carton
Easter Bunny from Pom-Poms and Pipe Cleaner
Easter Egg Baby or Pet Carrier
Emoji Dress from Yellow Balloon
Erasers for Food Props and Toys
Fairy Garden Barbie -Posing on Natural Toadstool/Mushroom
Foam Finger -#1 Fan
Football Bead and Button Bouquet
Frozen Cape-Felt Cape Inspired from the Movie Frozen
Full Figured Barbie Type Doll-DIY 1st Attempt
Glasses-Adding Glittery Bling
Glasses-4th of July from Pipe Cleaners
Grill-Kettle Grill from Easter Egg and Pipe Cleaners
Guitars from Dollar Store Christmas Ornaments
Hair-Rerooting Doll Hair
Hair Saver-Recycled Mesh Garlic Bag
Halter Top-Blingy Mesh Diamond Wrap Ribbon
Halter Top-Crochet in One Piece
Hammock-from Hanger, sticks and triple crochet
Hat from Bottle Cap-fancy!
Hat-Winter Hat from Dollar Tree Ornament
Heart Shaped Bag or Pillow-Crochet
Heart Shaped Box of Candy
Hooded Scarf-Crochet
House Renovation #1, Removing Elevator and Stairs
House Renovation #2, Livingroom Basics
Hula Skirt from Plastic Bag-Tutorial
Hula 'Coconut' Top from Peanut Shells
Hooded Cape/Poncho-Picture Tutorial
House from Shelving Unit
Inflatable Can Holder as Pool Toy
Kentucky Derby Hat -2020
Kittens in Basket from Buttons
Lady Liberty Headband-4th of July
Lake Diorama -Mother's Day
Long Sleeve Sweater Pattern-Knitting
Love Seat from Eyeglass Case and Pom-Poms
Maracas from Beads and Wooden Skewers
Mardi Gras King Cake from Modeling Clay
Mardi Gras Jester Headband from Pipe Cleaners
Mardi Gras Masks from Pipe Cleaners
Matted Hair Quick Fix-Braided All Over
Memorial Day BBQ 2020 Diorama
Mermaid Tail from Blingy Fabric
Mesh Hat for Ken from Recycled Mesh Garlic Bag
Milk Carton Chair with Woven Seat
Mustache Photo Props from Pipe Cleaners
My first crochet sweater-no pattern
Nativity Ornament
Necklace from Dollar Store Baby Shower Favors
Newborn Baby-Swaddled
Paper Mache Bodice
Painting Barbie Furniture
Patriotic Dress-Crochet
Pants-Capri Pants from Headband
Pattern Sheet-Pants, Skirt and Shirt
Pattern Sheet-Top, Dress, Undies
Peep-Stuffed Felt Peep Toy or Pillow
Pet Carrier from Plastic Easter Egg
Pie-Lattice Topped Pie from Masking Tape
Pillowcase Dress with Side Bow
Pillows-Throw Pillows, Knitting with Fuzzy Yarn
Pillows-Throw Pillows, Three Ideas, selvege fringe, yo-yo and pom-pom
Pillows-Throw Pillows, Two Ideas, wide ribbon and circle of foam
Pillows-Throw Pillows, Two Sided
Pool-Wading Pool from Recycled Plastic Bottle
Snuggie Blanket from $1 Microfiber Mit
Soup Pot from Recycled Detergent Scoop
St. Patrick's Day Dress from $1 Bow Tie
St. Patrick's Day Green Braided Hair Pieces for Barbie
St. Patrick's Day Orange Braided Hair Piece from Yarn
St. Patrick's Day-Over Sized Felt Neck Tie
St. Patrick's Day k-cup hat
Stacked Pumpkin Topiary from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Strapless Dress for Any Occasion-Sewing
Summer Holiday Aprons, Barbie and Ken, Free Pattern, No-Sew
Sundress from Recycled Tank Top
Sunglasses from Buttons
Super Bowl Party Diorama 2020
Surgical Mask from Napkin
Taco from Felt and Beads
Tank Top for Ken from Foot of Sock
Team Colors Top and Necklace-just the idea, no pattern
Team Logo Shirt-pattern included
Tie, 4th of July Over Sized Neck Tie
Tie, Over Sized Neck Tie for St. Patrick's Day
Tiara, from pipe cleaners and bottle ring
Tissue Paper Flowers, 1:6 Scale-Cinco de Mayo

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