Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Barbie Doll Identification -Also Known As Killing Time...

Between Corona-virus isolation and a rainy cold Saturday... I found myself falling down the Ebay and Etsy rabbit hole of killing time:) I mentioned recently that I found a Barbie at the thrift store and picked her up for the handmade outfit, but also because she looked a little different than my other dolls. I try to keep changing up pictures of the dolls to keep things interesting, I get bored easily:)

There is a little Z of light in her eyes and I had to click on the listing as soon as I saw this 
Kira Hawaiian Fun Doll-it's her!

The box says 1990, so she could be considered a vintage doll, 
and she truly does have the older body type.
That's a lot of hair folks!

Take care, stay busy, and have a happy day😊


  1. Hi, Lynne. Yes, searching sometimes is down the rabbit hole. But you did find her, and I don't think they used that particular face that many times on a doll with that color hair. She has such a pretty complexion and eye paint, worth digging up her identity.

  2. There are many ways of keeping your kids happy, and what else can please them better than the attractively designed dolls? You can find varieties of them in the market.


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