Saturday, September 7, 2019

Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin Outfit from Balloon for Kelly or Chelsea Doll (Barbie)

All that's required for this cute little pumpkin outfit for Kelly is a 12" orange balloon, scissors and a black Sharpie marker. Oh, and maybe two minutes of your time:) Dollar Tree, Walmart or Party City should have packs of all orange balloons if you need a few for a Halloween party or sleepover craft. You might even be able to find a pack of Halloween balloons that already have the Jack-O-Lantern face on them. This is the sort of silly, seasonal craft I love folks!
I've seen little Kelly dolls already dressed in pumpkin costumes for Halloween at Target, etc...
Why not simply dress one (or two) your girl already has!
Note: I'll be posting Halloween ideas early while we can still get the supplies at the stores, 
retail will be moving on to Christmas soon (check that "soon"... Just saw Christmas this morning...).

Draw Jack-O-Lantern face on upper round part of balloon and add a few curved lines for ridges. 
Tip: I laid the balloon on a Christmas ball to smooth the surface to draw on it.

Cut the neck of the balloon off, leaving just the round part.

Cut two 1/4" small arm holes near the top.

Cut an approximate 1" hole straight across the bottom for her legs.

Stretch top opening and fit balloon onto doll, I started from her feet.
Push arms through the arm holes.
Optional: Add some cotton balls to bottom to help keep dress rounded out like a pumpkin, I didn't.
Now Kelly is ready to go trick or treating🍭

I did a quick Google search and see there are pre-printed balloons offered by Walmart here:
My cutting directions would be flipped upside down, but would still work fine.
I keep waiting for them to show up at Dollar Tree, but so far I've only seen Alien face balloons.
*9/14/19 Update: I just saw orange balloons with white Jack-O-Lantern faces at Dollar Tree!
*9/30/20 Update: Plenty of orange Jack-O-Lantern balloons at Dollar Tree this year.
And while we're gathering Barbie ideas for Halloween crafts, 


  1. cute, I may make one for the meeting this week (candy girl)

  2. Have fun, I look forward to seeing what you make:)

  3. Oh that's darling! Thanks for sharing the fun!


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